Secluded Cottages

You can fully immerse yourself in the beautiful landscape of Wales in one of our secluded cottages. Whether you want to be all on your own under the blanket of stars of the unspoilt night sky, or share the experience with friends and family, why not take a look at the Wales Cottage Holidays range of our most secluded properties.

From completely remote farmhouses up in the hills with splendid views to cottages a little bit closer to everyday life but still with plenty of space around you, come away to a place where you have little chance of being disturbed by anything more than curious wildlife.

If you can’t find what you are looking for here do give us a ring on 01686 628200 or send us through an email with your requirements as we do have other properties that, while they might not be completely secluded, do have good levels of privacy or out of the way settings that could suit you down to the ground, or even up to the stars!

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